Wormholes Poll: The Results

by CCP Games
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Last week we asked you, our beloved band of pirates, to tell us which of the recent weekly wormholes you would like to see return to your screens. You had the tricky choice of a Wraith battle, rainbow trails on Nightyard or friendly fire.

By a landslide, the winning wormhole was the Wraith-on-Wraith mega battle on the Crossroads map (sounds a bit like the denouement of a game of Cluedo).

It’s great to see the enthusiasm generated by our weekly wormhole events.The creator of the poll, our very own CCP TerrorShark, had this to say about the response.

“A massive thanks to all our pilots for getting involved and picking some fantastic new wormholes! The runaway winner from the poll was a Wraith Rumble on the Crossroads map, but we had a ton of great suggestions in the comments too! We'll get to work putting some of them together and you should see the creations sometime in the near future! You’re all superstars of the conduit.”

So there you have it. Expect the return of the popular Wraith Rumble in the near(ish) future, and you can also look forward to seeing some of your amazing ideas implemented in the game over the coming months.

Want to check out some of the cool ideas suggested by our pilots, or add some of your own? Then head over to the forum thread now.

Fly safe!