Wormhole 13B/745-54JD6 Has Opened Near Planet Saranen: Dominator and Aegis Pilots Needed

by CCP Games
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A new wormhole event has occurred in the Lonetrek region of the galaxy. As you know, this busy region is a major industrial center for the Caldari State and as such, it is of great strategic importance.

Pilots who have operated near Saranen will already be familiar with the Shipyard. However, on the other side of the wormhole’s conduit, they are experiencing a strange and oppressively dark version of the facility that we’re calling the Nightyard.

Pilots returning from the Nightyard have reported being involved in intense Deathmatch situations, rendered particularly difficult by the low light conditions. However, one of the side effects of this wormhole is to produce dazzling rainbow trails from our ships’ engines. The effect is both useful for location of enemy ships and, we are led to believe, quite beautiful.

In addition, we are experiencing a super-boost effect. The only ships operable through Wormhole 13B/745-54JD6 are the Dominator and Aegis, both Fighters and particularly suited to the ‘Deathmatch’ style of engagement occurring.

Of paramount importance is the fact that there is an abundance of salvage to be collected in the area. This is why we need your involvement. We can significantly boost our resources by spending as much time in the Nightyard as possible.

Good luck out there, pilots. Let’s get rich, or die trying.