Video Tutorial – How to Use the Micro Warp Drive

by CCP Games
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It’s that time of the month when we serve up a nutritious portion of gaming advice via the medium of video. For our latest video tutorial, we’re taking a look at the heavies and more specifically, the Micro Warp Drive (MWD).

Heavies are fairly sluggish beasts, but this characteristic is mitigated by the MWD, which enables these tanks to travel short distances at very great speed. You might think that the primary advantage of this would be getting out of a sticky situation and into nearby cover, but the MWD can actually be used in a variety of situations.

Have a gander at the video below and you’ll discover how to use the MWD to get into and out of the action, and even pull a feint on your enemies.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the wonderful world of warping, head over to our in-depth guide to piloting the heavies on all of EVE: Valkyrie's maps.

Enjoy the vid, fly fast and safe!

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