The Gateway Map – Nine Screens, Nine Reasons to get Pumped!

by CCP Games
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Tomorrow’s the big day, pilots. The new Gatecrash update goes live and you get to try out the new Gateway map for the first time. You’ll no doubt have already had a look at the new trailer but we thought we’d show you a few individual features of the new map so you can start to build your battling strategies in advance of the launch.

Gatecrash Focus 001

It’s a Whopper!

On leaving the launch tube you are presented with this magnificent view. It’s a great moment because it immediately gives you a sense of the scale of the Gateway. Plus, it’s a living, working construction site. If you look to the bottom-left of the shot you can see a construction ship which is one of several that are actively flying around the map going about their business.

Gatecrash Focus 002

Winter Wonderland

We track left from the main structure and get to see just how frigid and unforgiving it is out there. As if space weren’t cold enough, the Gateway map ups the icy-ante considerably.

Gatecrash Focus 003


Emerging from the ‘Iceteroid’ field we get our first glimpse of the map’s ice planet. It’s a beauty isn’t it? Still, no time to hang around planet spotting. There’s work to be done.

Gatecrash Focus 004

A Rollercoaster Ride

As you begin to explore the structure you’ll get a sense of how complex and busy it is. It’s like a theme park ride in space.

Gatecrash Focus 005

Straight Down the Middle

The cylindrical nature of the gateway means that there is a clear channel right the way through the middle from one end to another. This is a strategic feature for reasons that we’ll come to shortly.

Gatecrash Focus 006

Breathe in!

Dive between the central structure and the girders that surround it and you’ll find some pretty tight spaces. The perfect place, perhaps, to ditch those pursuing heavies?

Gatecrash Focus 007

Caverns of Ice

Head away from the gateway and into the Iceteroid field and you’ll find a place that’s riddled with both hazards and opportunities for finding cover.

Gatecrash Focus 008

The Loop

There are circular channels around the structure that offer opportunities for hiding out, but should you get caught in there with an assailant on your tail, you’ll be like a lab rat trapped in a maze. Could be interesting.

Gatecrash Focus 009

It’s a Warp Gate, Remember

OK, so the warp gate is only under construction but it does already have some functionality. That central channel contains a warp point enabling you to rapidly travel from one end of the structure to the other.

Excited, much? We are. So we’ll see you back here tomorrow for a launch day round-up of what’s available and details of a special event coming up over the weekend.

Fly safe!