Ships, Suits and Avatars – Valkyrie’s Cool Collectibles

by CCP Games
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Did you know that EVE: Valkyrie is packed with loads of cool extra content and rewards to covet and collect during your time in New Eden? Some of it you get as a free gift right out of the box while others can only be acquired through sheer hard work and piloting excellence. Let’s take a look at the goodies on offer.

Legendary Ships

Unlike your other regular ships that come in a basic configuration and need to be upgraded as you play through the game, Legendary ships come already maxed out and better still, you get one free as part of every EVE: Valkyrie Founder’s Pack. Each VR platform has its own unique Legendary ship so in the case of the Oculus version it’s a Squadron 33 Wraith, PlayStation VR users get the fierce-looking S4 Wraith while Vive pilots can enjoy the shiny teal-blue loveliness of the MkV Wraith. All three ships boast a weapons loadout of Gatling guns, head-tracked missiles and ECM counter measures. They also have boosted firepower, armor, shields and speed. These ships are balanced to compete with upgraded ships from the main three classes and although any XP earned using these ships can’t be automatically assigned to your regular ship trees, you can use the Quartermaster to perform an XP transfer.

Flight Suits

Vive Flight suits

It’s not just a fancy set of wings you get when you buy the Founder’s Pack. You also get a stunning looking flight suit to go with it. Each suit is coordinated to go with the Legendary ship and come in both male and female designs as you can see in the shot above of the Vive version’s snazzy ‘Vanquish’ suit. While we’re on the subject of character customization you might be intrigued to learn that we’re working on additional ways in which to individualize your pilot. We can’t say any more than that for the moment but check back regularly for news on this tantalizing development.

Forum Avatars


When you first sign up to become a Valkyrie pilot you start off with a straightforward ‘Clone’ forum avatar but there are waaay cooler ones to be collected. For a start, each VR platform has its own skulls avatar in a specific color (gold for Oculus, blue for PSVR and green for Vive).

The better your reputation in the game though, the more avatars you will unlock. There are currently seven different themes and these are Bite, Che’s Dead, Conquest, Fist, Hand, Lioness, Reaper, Slayer and Snake Eyes. You start off with a simple grey design followed by red at Rep 15, gold at Rep 30 and if your reputation hits 50 or more, you get a fantastic avatar with the theme emblazoned across a pilot’s helmet.

To enjoy all this amazing stuff be sure to sign up to our forums, link your pilot with your account and, of course, grind your way up through the ranks.

Have fun out there pilots!