Severe Gravitational Anomalies Reported at Wormhole 33C/881-55JY5

by CCP Games
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All pilots are to report to the Genesis region and planet Otakoo XI following the emergence of the latest wormhole event.

Reports indicate that on the other side of the conduit, pilots have discovered a parallel region of space similar to that of the area known as Crossroads. We’re calling it Goldenroad - while it is in some ways familiar, it has been grotesquely distorted by enormous gravitational forces.

This has resulted in the area’s usual structures and formations being dragged together into the center of the wormhole. This means that all combat engagements will take place in a smaller environment than pilots are accustomed to. This does, however, provide a more complex battlefield with more cover options than usual.

For unknown reasons, Goldenroad is influencing our ships’ engines and providing what can only be described as a superboost.

However, there is one overarching reason why this wormhole is of particular interest to us. When defeated, the Schism’s ships are dropping abnormally large cargoes of salvage, so it’s imperative we get in there and exploit this unusual situation.

We have a fleet of Revenants, Sentries and Dominators at our disposal.

We estimate the wormhole will remain open from today through to the end of Sunday.

Good luck out there, pilots, and bring home that salvage!