Scout Mode – All the Maps, All the Salvage

by CCP Games
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Spoiler alert! What follows is a comprehensive guide to EVE: Valkyrie’s Scout Mode and all the delicious salvage contained therein. Seven maps. Seven bits of salvage on each. It’s basically an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the game’s maps and bag a bit of booty along the way.


First sight: Vertical structures ahead surrounded by asteroids with the planet off to the right.

Head for the first large vertical structure on the right, fly behind it and the first salvage is hidden around halfway up.

Salvage Cathedral 01

Sticking with the same structure, continue upwards and you’ll find another salvage hidden inside a gap in the structure.

Salvage Cathedral 02

Head over to the central cathedral tower. Enter at the base to find the next salvage inside.

Salvage Cathedral 03

Fly under the cathedral tower and you’ll find another one nestled between the spires beneath.

Salvage Cathedral 04

Move away from the cathedral, toward this large wrecked ship (pinkish in hue). It has a central bay/chamber where you’ll find the next salvage.

Salvage Cathedral 05

Head back out and locate this area of wreckage. There’s a big hunk o’ junk and a thinner shard beside it. Each has a salvage stash as indicated.

Salvage Cathedral 006 007


First sight: We’re looking down on the complex shipyard structure with a tower taking center stage.

OK, this is a complex structure packed with struts, docking bays and the like, so it’s tricky to describe a point-to-point course. However, many of the docking bays have distinguishing features, so we'll navigate using those.

Find Storage Area B2. You'll find the first bit of salvage on top.

Salvage Shipyard 01

Sticking with Storage Area B2, fly along the side of the structure to find more salvage.

Salvage Shipyard 02

See that main tower at the center of the shipyard? Fly all the way to the bottom and at the tip of the mast, there's salvage.

Salvage Shipyard 03

Head towards the bottom of the shipyard and look for a large central hangar with a warning sign on the entrance. The booty is in there.

Salvage Shipyard 04

Find the object marked SY77. It's another tunnel leading to the central hub. Seek it out for more salvage.

Salvage Shipyard 05

Locate this long structure. The salvage is on the top, nestled in a trench.

Salvage Shipyard 06

Quite a tricky one, but scout around until you see the structure pictured here. The salvage is at the location marked.

Salvage Shipyard 07


First sight: Utter confusion. A mess of asteroids. However, a quick glance around will show you a mining structure above and to the left, and a carrier straight ahead in the distance.

Almost as soon as you exit the tube, you will see an asteroid that is cylindrical in nature. Fly through it for the first salvage.

Salvage Forge 01

Fly beneath the large mining facility (characterized by red crystals embedded in the rock) and locate this cave opening. You’ll find the salvage inside.

Salvage Forge 02

Locate this structure (an interconnected series of ‘pods’). The salvage is inside the hangar bay (circled).

Salvage Forge 03

As you emerge from the previous structure, hug the large asteroid wall to find the next salvage dump.

Salvage Forge 04

Good luck with this next one. It’s tucked right up inside the structure you see here. Get yourself to this point, then explore. You’ll find it… eventually.

Salvage Forge 05

Approach the main structure from the main engine end and veer off to the right to the nearby asteroid field. This rock’s cave holds another bit of salvage.

Salvage Forge 06

Head to the end of the bridge structure, pull around right until you can see this view. The salvage is sitting inside the structure jutting out of the rock.

Salvage Forge 07


First sight: A dusty backdrop, a light sprinkling of asteroids and ‘that’ arching man-made structure straight ahead. Let’s use that as our point of reference.

Head towards the bottom of that main structure and you'll find your first bit of salvage.

Salvage Crossroads 01

This ship is near a huge hunk of rock. Look at the underside of the ship to find the salvage.

Salvage Crossroads 02

Every Support pilot's favorite asteroid. Enter the cave network of this massive asteroid to find more booty.

Salvage Crossroads 03

Locate this small platform-like structure. There are goodies to be found here.

Salvage Crossroads 04

This red colored wreckage is easy to locate. Enter into the belly of the beast to find more salvage.

Salvage Crossroads 05

The next two are a bit tricky to find. Scout around the asteroid field until you see this object. The salvage is here.

Salvage Crossroads 06

Similarly, it’s just another case of searching around for this one, but if you find the object pictured, you’ll have found the final piece of salvage.

Salvage Crossroads 07


First sight: One word: Bleak! This is where ships go to die. You can see the remnants the second you emerge from the launch tube. Let’s see if we can make sense of it.

Head for this major piece of wreckage. There’s a trench running the length of the ship and the salvage is in there.

Salvage Necropolis 01

After emerging from the trench, pan left and you’ll see this huge bit of junk. There’s a gap in the middle and you’ll find salvage in there.

Salvage Necropolis 02

It’s hard to describe where this one is, but head for the carrier, then scout around until you see this relatively small piece of wreckage. More salvage.

Salvage Necropolis 03

Locate this massive ship. As you can see, it resembles the front end of a beetle. Fly in through the jaws and there’s a loading bay. You’ll find some salvage there.

Salvage Necropolis 04

This huge disc-shaped ship is fairly easy to locate. Having done so, fly beneath it to find more salvage.

Salvage Necropolis 05

Find this huge bit of wreckage. You can get your bearings by lining up with those background objects that look like screaming death stars. There’s a hangar here and that’s where you’ll find more salvage.

Salvage Necropolis 06 2

Head out into the wild black yonder until you find this fellow. It looks like a large tug boat. Get the last piece of salvage where marked.

Salvage Necropolis 07 2


First sight: It’s a thing of beauty. Straight out of the tube we find ourselves facing the vertical warp gate structure. Let’s go.

Let’s start at the bottom of the structure where all that orange steel work is still exposed. As you approach from the bottom, you will see the beginnings of the large main central tube. If you look to one side of it, you’ll see a much narrower tube and the first bit of salvage is in there.

Salvage Gateway 01

Travel up the structure until the exposed framework gives way to the more finished section. You can see there are inner concentric rings around the central core. The second one of these has a small gap in it; there’s your next bit of salvage.

Salvage Gateway 02

Leave the central shaft and you’ll see a smaller cylindrical structure tacked onto the side of the main one. Fly up through it for more glorious salvage.

Salvage Gateway 03

When you emerge from that cylinder, keep going and you’ll see a large pointed tower-like object. There’s some more salvage halfway up the tower.

Salvage Gateway 04

At the top end of the warp gate you’ll see a construction facility. There’s another bit of salvage on the top of it.

Salvage Gateway 05

Head for the second major ring from the top of the warp gate. It’s marked F6. Skirt around it until you find the salvage.

Salvage Gateway 06

The great thing about this map is that there are so many distinctive features. Find this area, and you’ve got your final bit of salvage for the map.

Salvage Gateway 07


First sight: You exit the carrier and are immediately faced with a snowy, rocky landscape with the Solitude base right ahead in the distance.

You’ll see a main central tower with a walkway leading to a platform. The salvage is underneath the platform.

Salvage Solitude 01

From the carrier, head toward the main facility. Enter the trench to the left side to find some salvage.

Salvage Solitude 02

Staying to the left side of the base, you’ll find some salvage just floating on the surrounding cliff face.

Salvage Solitude 03

Enter the underground network of tunnels. In the central area, go down into the pit and you’ll find some salvage behind one of the large containers.

Salvage Solitude 04

Again, while in this central underground area, another piece of salvage is just under one of the central walkways.

Salvage Solitude 05

Head for the large hangar bay at the top of the main structure. You’ll find some salvage here.

Salvage Solitude 06

See the large rock tower to the right of the base? There’s some salvage hidden behind the panels attached to the rock.

Salvage Solitude 07

There you go pilots. All the maps, all the salvage. You are now well on your way to achieving 100% completion in single player mode. Join us again tomorrow when we’ll show you where to find all the echoes.

Fly safe!