Pilots Assemble at Wormhole 01A/269-52LK5. Warning: It’s a Minefield Out There

by CCP Games
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You have less than 24 hours to investigate the latest wormhole event.

Wormhole 01A/269-52LK5 is located in the Outer Ring region close to planet TQ-RRB VII.

On the other side of the conduit, you will encounter a corrupted version of the Forge mining facility that has come to be known as the Iceforge.

It’s imperative that we gain control of the three key capture points in the area before anyone else does, so in that respect it’s a familiar mission. That said, the Iceforge is littered with mines that will destroy you on impact, so you need to proceed with extreme caution.

For this mission you will be flying one of three available ships. These are the Wraith, Spectre and Banshee.

Good luck out there!