Navigation: The EVE Online Advantage

by CCP Games
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Have you ever come across the word ‘proprioception’? Possibly not. The word, like the process it describes, is something we all take for granted. Proprioception is our ability to know where we are, physically, in our world. No matter what is going on around us we know where our limbs are. Test it for yourself. Close your eyes and you can still place a finger on your nose, scratch your ear, pat your belly or pick your toenails (ugh!) without even looking or thinking about it. You just ‘know’ where you are.

Outside of our bodies it’s a different matter. We need visual cues and landmarks to tell us where we reside in the realm outside our skin.

Let’s use a typical, real-world exchange as an example. Person A: “Let’s meet up at the Quafe bar.” Person B: “How do I get there?” Person A: “Head down the high street, turn left at the yellow library building and it’s opposite the clock tower.”

That’s exactly how things can work during team play in a typical game of EVE: Valkyrie, but if you don’t know what’s around you, you won’t be able to communicate effectively with your team mates.

Thankfully, Valkyrie’s designers have populated the game’s maps with ships from EVE Online. If you’re an EVE Online player, this gives you a distinct advantage when asking fellow squad members to ‘group up at the Oracle’ or ‘need some help at Providence, folks’.

The purpose of this article, then, is to provide a spotter’s guide to the scenery, for those EVE: Valkyrie pilots who haven’t had the pleasure of playing EVE Online. Get to know the EVE Online ships and you’ll be navigating New Eden like a boss.

You’re very welcome.

Ship Sizes

First things first. The ships in EVE Online are huge and vary greatly in size, so to help you more easily identify them, here’s a key to how they shape up and how we’ll be referring to them, from smallest to largest.

Basic Ships (pretty big)

  • Destroyer (De)
  • Frigate (Fri)
  • Cruiser (Cr)
  • Battlecruiser (BC)
  • Battleship (B)

Capital Ships (absolutely huge)

  • Dreadnought (Dr)
  • Carriers (Ca)
  • Industrial Capitals/Freighters (F)
  • Supercarriers (SC) (Fun Fact: These include the Wyverns that the Valkyrie launch from)
  • Titans (T)

Map by Map Guide

Gasp! At the majesty of EVE Online’s majestic ships in this series of magnificent artworks.

Cheer! As you locate each of the ships on EVE: Valkyrie’s maps.

Laugh! When you run rings around your ignorant opponents.

As is customary, we’ve referred to the ship locations in relation to the control points (A, B and C) in Control and Carrier Assault modes.

We’ve also included the names of destroyed ships whose debris litter the maps so that hardcore EVE Online players can see if they can spot it. Check out the Debris Spotter sections and cross them off your checklist.

Time to bone up on your ship recognition skills. Allons-y!


Ship: Naglfar (Dr)

Location: This pointy, vertically-unchallenged fellow is one of the capture points on the map. Point A, to be precise. EVEOnline ships Naglfar

Ship: Providence (F)

Location: Looking like an enormous shiny woodlouse, this ship is to be found next to point C. EVEOnline ships Providence

Ship: Hel (SC)

Location: The Hel is a whole hatful of hollow and, as a result, has lots of parts you can use for cover. It’s right next to the Providence at point C. EVEOnline ships Hel

Debris Spotter… Revelation (Dr), Tempest (B)


Ship: Oracle (Bc)

Location: Looks a bit like the head of a Star Wars battle droid. This ship is one of the map’s capture points (Point A). EVEOnline ships Oracle  

Ship: Harbinger (Cr)

Location: This is one of the capture points on the map (Point A) EVEOnline ships Harbinger  

Ship: Archon (Ca)

Location: You can find the Archon at the halfway point in the middle of the map, which is a good meeting point for the players. It’s also the closest ship to point B. EVEOnline ships Archon  

Ship: Prophecy (Bc)

Location: Head over to point C and you’ll find this beauty lurking there. EVEOnline ships Prophecy   Debris Spotter… Apocalypse (B), Abaddon (B)  


Ship: Orca (F)

Location: Moves through the map, can plow in your ship if you're not paying attention. EVEOnline ships Orca

Ship: Rorqual (F)

Location: There are two of these on the map. One is down low in the middle of the map, between points B and C. There is also another just next to point A. In Team Deathmatch, this is the ship the majority of the fighting occurs at, as it offers a great deal of potential cover. EVEOnline ships Rorqual

Ship: Hulk (Cr)

Location: The Hulk moves through the map and it can plow into your ship if you’re not paying attention. It docks at point A. EVEOnline ships Hulk

Ship: Venture (Cr)

Location: Like the Hulk, this ship moves through the map docking at point A, so again, be wary of it. EVEOnline ships Venture


Ship: Primae (C)

Location: These are the ships you see constantly orbiting the Gateway map. They don't pose a huge risk but can collide with you if you come out into open space without paying attention. EVEOnline ships Primae

Ship: Rorqual (F)

Location: This ship isn't really used on the map as cover as it’s a bit out of the way, but use it as a visual waypoint. EVEOnline ships Rorqual


Note: This map has so many ships, a few of which are duplicated. EVE knowledge is so useful here, but trying to list which are important is quite a challenge. You could literally plot a route through anywhere on this map using a good knowledge of shipwrecks.  

Ship: Revelation (Dr)

Location: This is a huge wreckage near one of the launch points on the map. It can be seen from pretty much everywhere. EVEOnline ships Revelation

Ship: Nyx (SC)

Location: This is the middle point of the map and typically where both sides eventually clash. EVEOnline ships Nyx  

Ship: Thanatos (Ca)

Location: The Thanatos represents point B on the map, which is handy to know if you’re trying to wrest control. EVEOnline ships Thanatos  

Ship: Archon

Location: There are several of these on this map. Notably, they indicate point locations. In this case, it’s points A & C. EVEOnline ships Archon  

Ship: Abbadon (B)

Location: Another one of those pesky moving ships. Again, be aware of traffic like this or you’ll get splatted. EVEOnline ships Abaddon  

Ship: Erebus (T)

Location: This is a huge wreckage near one of the launch points on the map. It’s not terribly useful, but we like it because we made an April Fool joke out of it. You can see it from most places on the map. EVEOnline ships Erebus

Debris Spotter… Hyperion (B), Myrmidon (Bc), Megathron (B), Avatar (T), Apocalypse (B), Talos (Bc), Aeon (Sc), Erebus (T), Dominix (B), Oracle (Bc), Brutix (Bc), Armageddon (B), Prophecy (B), Confessor (De), Harbinger (Bc), Algos (De), Catalyst (De)  


Ship: Orca (F) 

Location: Static docked, right next to point C. EVEOnline ships Orca  

Debris Spotter…  Actually, not debris on this occasion. This is an active shipyard so you’ll find only working vessels here. If you’re into EVE Online, see if you can spot the following:  Rokh (B), Scorpion (B), Bustard (BC), Charon (F), Raven (B), Naga (BC).      Got all that? It’s a lot to take in but it’s worth the effort. The more familiar you are with your surroundings, the better. If you can communicate objects of interest to your team mates quickly and efficiently, you will have an edge in battle.

Fly safe!