Meet your friends (and frenemies) at EVE London

by CCP Games
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Fancy bumping into that support class team mate who regularly Spiderbots you to safety? Or maybe you want to share a pint with that Rhino pilot who’s always head tracking his Tri Flak cannon right up your caboose? Well, the guys over at EVE_NT might be able to help that happen.

They’re an EVE community group that arranges events around the UK for likeminded players to meet up discuss everything EVE: Valkyrie related. They have held events in Nottingham, Cardiff and London - the most recent being in Nottingham last month which featured PVP tournaments and DEV presentations. There’s a London event on the 5th of November 2016, venue to be confirmed, and a Cardiff get together due in the summer of 2017 (information TBC).

At 10 years old, EVE London is the longest running player event of its kind in the world, so you’re bound to meet a bunch of serious pilots with war stories galore. If you’re interested head over to EVE_NT to keep up with all the latest event announcements.