Happy Holidays for PSVR Players

by CCP Games
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We know we certainly had a great time over the holidays and it would seem our PlayStation VR-owning pilots did too. Via the magic of PS4Share they’ve been posting a host of highlights of their new kit and their time in New Eden. Here are a few of the moments we’ve been enjoying and if you are a PSVR owner yourself, please keep ‘em coming. Seeing our pilots enjoying the game never gets old.

Art Imitates Life

Eric H posted this chilly image of the frosty conditions both inside and outside New Eden. We know where we would rather be even though it’s possible to get blasted to death in the latter location. Better a glorious death during combat than an embarrassingly slippery stumble to find your car.

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Holiday Bonanza

As Burn himself says “This Christmas is awesome”. That’s quite a haul of holiday treats you have there, fella. Clearly on the nice list, then.

This Christmas is awesome #psvr #evevalkyrie #wwe2k17 #battlefield1 #dragonballxenoverse2 🤘

A photo posted by Burn (@burn850) on

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He Has Liftoff

This is Paul Manton, first time flyer. There’s some great footage in here and you know what? We reckon he’s done a pretty bang-up job for a freshman.

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Artistic Temperament

Derrick Trumbauer has sent us this arty shot of him playing Valkyrie. We’re not quite sure if he’s enjoying himself though… that expression on his face is so subtle it’s hard to read. Nah, we reckon he’s having a terrible time.

#psvr powered by #ps4pro #sony #gamer #console #gamerguy #evevalkyrie #rigs #ps4

A photo posted by Derrick Trumbauer (@dedstarx27) on

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Launch Face

Here’s a sweet little vid of Paul Callaway and his first reaction to playing Valkyrie. Clearly the man is enjoying the experience even if it does seem that he’s having an ongoing tussle with some space debris. Keep at it Paul, you’ll be a Fleet Admiral in no time.

Time for PSVR #psvr #playstationvr #evevalkyrie #playstation #ps4

A video posted by Paul Callaway (@mrpaulcallaway) on

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Lost in Translation

Try as we might to translate this Portugese post all we end up with is “The inside in intense”. The precise meaning is unclear but it’s quite obvious Zero Leo is happy with his hardware windfall.

#madrugada a dentro em intensas #dogfights pelo #espaco. #EveValkyrie é #MuitoBom. #PlaystationVR

A photo posted by Leonardo de Souza Afonso (@zero_leo) on

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Thanks for all the sharing you folks, we love it. Keeping posting and we’ll take another look at your EVE: Valkyrie experiences in the near future.

Fly safe!