Get Creative – Incredible stuff from The EVE: Valkyrie community

by CCP Games
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A few weeks ago we brought you five reasons to join the Valkyrie community and unpacked some awesome suggestions as to why you should take time out of your busy piloting schedule to explore our forums.

This month, our pilots voted on last weekend’s Wormhole event, gave feedback on our most recent patch and have been incredibly helpful to new pilots joining the ranks of the Valkyrie. They’ve also been hard at work putting their creative skills to the test - including making the press with this incredible formation flying video.

We’ve seen a multitude of different media and a creative outpouring from the community over the past few weeks. If it’s storytelling, crafts or something more musical, there’s always a way to put your skills out there, indulge your creative side and explore your passion for the world of EVE: Valkyrie.

In today’s Community Focus, we unpack three completely different community creations from July. Without further ado, here’s some amazing fan creations that have left us spellbound this month.

Graphic Purses – by Anska

There’s nothing we like more than a bit of good old fashioned swag. Support craft specialist and regular “Down the Rabbit Hole” streamer Anska tweeted these incredible EVE: Valkyrie purses. They are comprised of graphics from the EVE: Valkyrie graphic novel, written by Brian Wood, and they make for an awesome and unique bit of fan merch (not to mention a great fashion accessory).

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Anska gets bonus points for not hoarding these for herself, but gifting them at player events. For more information on the EVE: Valkyrie graphic novels, check out our devblog here.

Fanfiction - “The Ascribers” – by Fendisteel

"Can you give me your name?”

“Hovi. Yaken.”

“Your full name?”

“Hovi. Sasku. Yaken.”

“Can you give me your designated callsign?”


From a sweet bit of swag to a scintillating story. New Eden lore enthusiast, Valkyrie pilot and fiction writer Fendisteel has been providing the community with an incredible weekly fanfic called “The Ascribers”. Released in installments on the forums, not only can you delve deep into this wonderful work of Valkyrie fiction, but Fendisteel allows the readers to vote on what happens in the following installments.

  • Will Hovi visit the mess hall?
  • Will he get his team back in one piece?

Subscribe to the thread for updates and have your say on the story as it unfolds. The fate of this pilot is in yours and Fendisteel's capable hands.

New Player Hints and Tips video – by Goatan

It’s not all fiction, however. Sometimes, putting technical video making skills and Valkyrie knowledge to good use pays dividends for all involved. One of the main upshots of the Valkyrie community is how the game’s veterans constantly strive to help grow the community by helping new pilots.

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Giving advice on Discord, weekly streams, writing protip guides for the website... there are so many ways to help newer pilots find their feet. This month, Goatan has put his video making skills to work. He has created a brilliant video for new players full of hints and tips to improve their dogfighting prowess. For this and more guides from the Valkyrie community, head over to our New Player Hanger. Ask a question and get involved.

July is but halfway done and already there has been some incredible work springing from the creative minds of Valkyrie pilots. What will come next? Will the next Valkyrie tattoo appear? Will a tasty treat surface? Will a talented community artist make some incredible fanart?

It’s impossible to predict what the next awesome community offering will be, but pilots, you have us enthralled. Keep creating, it makes the world of the Valkyrie so much more wonderful.