Gatecrash Double XP Weekend!

by CCP Games
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The Gatecrash update is live and our faithful EVE: Valkyrie pilots finally get the chance to explore our new Gateway map.

To celebrate the Gatecrash update we’ve arranged for one of our Double XP Weekend events to run from Friday December 9 to Monday December 12. The fun starts at 9:00am GMT on Friday and you will be awarded double XP after every battle you participate in right up until 9:00am GMT on Monday.

If you’re new to Valkyrie you might also be interested to learn that by registering with us and linking your pilot with a CCP account you can get more free stuff. First there’s the cool Ember paint job for your ship. But you also get a seven-day XP boost via an in-game implant. The great thing is you can use it at the same time as taking advantage of the Double XP Weekend. So, link your account by the weekend and you can clean up when it comes to gathering all that extra experience.

Find out how to register and link your pilot to a CCP account in our recently published guide.

Enjoy Gateway, pilots, and fly safe!