EVE: Valkyrie Warzone Patch R4.3 is live

by CCP Games
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Welcome again pilots,

Today we’re releasing another small patch containing some key improvements for Valkyrie that the community has highlighted to us, including updates to input customisation and improvements to AI behaviour, PvP matchmaking, as well all-important bug fixes.

With this update we’ve improved AI participation in both Carrier Assault and Extraction game modes; for Carrier Assault they’ll now make more frequent use of Warp Gates to travel across maps, as well as avoidance improvements while navigating.

You’ll also be able to customise your control inputs during a game while in the Tactical Menu, which should make trying and testing different control layouts much easier. We’ve also added a new preset for Controller, Mouse and Keyboard, and Oculus Touch called ‘Custom’. This will use the default binding for that input, and as with all our input presets, you can customise it however you see fit. Additionally, this will enable you to save an additional custom preset with each input device.

We’ve also made a change to our matchmaking to address community feedback and reduce the frequency of unbalanced matches. Previously players from rank 6-10 were kept in separate PvP matchmaking before reaching rank 11 and upwards. As part of this patch we’ve expanded this pool to players ranked 6-26. This won’t stop you forming squads with other players regardless of their rank, and if you join a squad with a higher ranked player, you’ll be placed in the matchmaking pool according to the highest ranked player in your squad.

You can find all our changes within this patch listed below:

Controller fixes

  • Inputs can be customised from the Tactical Menu
  • New Custom preset for each input device
  • Added mouse free look in mouse and keyboard input customisation

A.I. Improvements

  • Improved AI participation in Carrier Assault and Extraction
  • Improved AI use of Warp Gates
  • Improved AI avoidance

Gameplay Changes

  • Extraction game mode now occurs as frequently as all other game modes
  • Fleet and Outpost maps now occur as frequently as all other maps
  • Re-introduced Solitude Carrier Assault into rotation
  • Increased PvP player rank 6-10 pool to rank 6-26

Bug fixes

  • Various audio bug fixes
  • Stability improvements
  • Bug fix for unusual behaviour when using roll keys during ship selection in the Clone Vat
  • Bug fix for incorrect Yurei mods “Superior Shields” and “Robust Plating”
  • Bug fix for incorrect Strix mods “Dash I” and “Dash III”
  • Bug fix for being unable to rebind the free look key in “Precision” and “Custom” mouse and keyboard input customisation