Calling All Valkyrie: Wormhole 50B/255-53JU5 has opened in the Sinq Laison Region… Extreme Caution Advised

by CCP Games
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Attention pilots. There is some troubling activity occurring in the Sinq Laison region of New Eden, where wormhole event 50B/255-53JU5 has opened up. As you know, this region is located in Gallente Federation space, but acts as a central link to regions controlled by all interstellar factions. Its importance as a trade center cannot be underestimated.

We urgently need you to assemble near planet Esmes III and travel through the conduit, where you will find a dramatically distorted, parallel version of the area we know as the Necropolis.

Conditions on the other side have severely limited the effectiveness of our fleet. We have discovered that only the Ascent is functional in this wormhole, and even then, its capabilities are significantly limited. Specifically, shields are non-operational, so it’s possible to take out the Schism ships, or get taken out by them, with a single shot.

Getting involved in a Deathmatch in this area is brutal, so exercise extreme caution.

Good luck out there, pilots!