All Pilots Redirected to Wormhole 22A/809-03JB5 in Response to Necropolis Threat

by CCP Games
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Valkyrie pilots who have not already done so are hereby ordered to make their way to wormhole 22A/809-03JB5 , where a battle is raging to take control of the Necropolis site on the other side of the conduit.

We previously believed this site to have been secured, but another conflict has erupted beyond a wormhole that has already seen some of the fiercest and most heroic battles taking place.

Be prepared for what lies ahead. The Necropolis you will find here is unlike anything you’ve seen, a dark and sinister green-tinged environment. Securing the area will also prove incredibly difficult due to the presence of only a single control point.

You have less than 24 hours to secure the Necropolis. The ships you have at your disposal are the Storm, Cyclone, Guardian and Maelstrom. The latter's mortar weapons could prove decisive.

Good luck on the other side pilots.